Paul Ross


I’m Paul Ross. Here’s what matters to me

Experience Matters…
Having worked in Real Estate for over 20 years, I have extensive experience in both commercial and residential sectors.
Born, bred and working in London, I represented numerous national and international clients, providing them profitable investment strategies, before starting my own successful investment company.
I have now built a new brokerage in Boca Raton which affords me the ability to work with people I respect, in the professional, responsive, thorough manner that I believe is crucial to provide clients the service and results they deserve.

I put my experience to work for my clients, ensuring they get the best service and most crucial, relevant information available.

International Matters…
I experienced first hand what it’s like to move from the UK to sunny South Florida. During that process, I learned the importance of understanding key differences between the US and UK real estate buying processes.

For example, the buyer’s agent is legally required to act in your best interest with licensing laws in place to help enforce this. Because of what I learned during my own move, I put my local knowledge to work for you, listening to your requirements, sourcing appropriate properties, setting up viewings and touring the area with you. This takes much of the stress out of the buying process and puts more information in your hands.I’m affiliated with numerous global listing services which ensure my clients’ listings achieve maximum exposure worldwide. With more and more people choosing Florida as a second home destination, I draw heavily on my experiences on both sides of the Atlantic to help my clients.

Technology Matters…
I believe in staying ahead in a continually evolving real estate market requires cutting edge technology and the expertise to put it to effective use. For example, we provide paperless transactions enabling clients to easily negotiate contracts from anywhere in the world and 3-dimensional home models that allow virtual walk-throughs on an iPad.

I do everything I can to stay current and apply personalized solutions to suit each individual client, their home and their needs.

Property Matters…
The name of our business aptly reflects my core beliefs. I recognize the huge responsibility being placed in my hands and truly respect the importance of even the smallest details because, above all else, your Property Matters.

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