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The Grass is (not) Always Greener

I’ve always been interested in the saying that “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” I’ve heard countless people use it in a number of contexts, but particularly with regard to real estate I suppose the point of the phrase is that human nature...

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Schools to Consider in Boca Raton

Schools to Consider in Boca Raton When I talk to people about buying property, things invariably come down to evaluating location. And one of the most critical factors in evaluating location is schools.  In terms of my own family situation, I have always thought: “If,...

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The (Sometimes Forgotten!) Reasons to Buy a Second Home

While the benefits of owning a second home might seem obvious (hello more beach time!), there are a number of often-overlooked benefits that people either forget or have never considered. Having worked with numerous clients moving to Boca Raton from the UK, I noticed...

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